The road towards excellence is paved with insight

Quant is on a mission to revolutionize how businesses and governments utilize data, enabling them to harness the power of data-driven insights and pave their way to success.

Our Story

Our Origins

Quant was first founded in 2015 by young entrepreneurs who saw how relatively undervalued and scarce data science was compared to other fields locally and sought to challenge that with innovative approaches.


Our Endeavors

Despite humble beginnings, we carried on to graduate from notable local incubators and accelerators and are set to become an industry leader in AI and Data Analytics. Through years of hard work combined with complex market research, we were able to create solutions that continue to transform and shape industries at large.

Our Growth

In a time of rapid changes, Quant needed to pivot from a service provider to a products and solutions developer to refocus our mission on driving transformation through data-led initiatives, powering the development of Suhail and Fruits360.

Our Future

The future we envision is one of knowledge transfer - enabling consumer transparency while allowing providers access to insightful information. By doing this, we aim to create a world of vibrant digital transparency empowered by accessible insights from data-driven systems.

“As markets transform and shift guided by governmental and societal efforts, such as Vision 2030 and The National Transformation Program, we increasingly see rapid economic changes that render the implementation of the latest technological advances crucial for businesses across all sectors. At Quant, we work to create a solid base that extends beyond offering consultations and services to increase data quality, transparency, and literacy building an ecosystem that harnesses data to extract useful insights that drive smart decision-making, enhanced transparency, and optimal growth.”


Values & Purpose

We foster a culture that deeply values client satisfaction, harnessing data to drive the direction of our products and solutions. We actively seek out creativity in order to keep clients informed with transparent communication at every stage.

Data Driven






Leaders of Change

3+ Trillion Transaction Value

Real Estate data since 2010

250+ Billion Transaction Value

Restaurant & Cafe data since 2016


Localized AI models

1+ Trillion

Data Records Analyzed

Award winning Impact

1st Place in Saudi Arabia Competition

Partner of the year

Most Innovative BI & Analytics SaaS Product in Saudi Arabia

Rookie Partner of the Year

Social Responsibility

Our responsibility is one of Transparency & Access

We are committed to changing the way data is accessed and utilized, breaking down barriers to create an equitable environment for individuals, organizations, and industries, and igniting an ongoing transformation towards greater informational transparency.

Incubating Communities

With a mission to bridge a talent gap in data expertise, we were proud to have played an instrumental role in establishing Saudi Data Community. Through various initiatives and programs, this community has since created meaningful connections between over 6000 passionate individuals.

Sharing Knowledge

By being a part of the Riyadh Data Community, we joined in an open and collaborative exchange to share our knowledge. Our participation in Pydata Riyadh Conference was one way to support an ever-growing ecosystem driven by openness and sharing that continues to influence upcoming generations!

Supporting Initiatives

Our commitment to the future of technology was exemplified when we proudly sponsored Saudi Data Community’s Graduate Support Initiative in 2022—a vibrant initiative dedicated to providing opportunities for young talents.

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