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Quant empowers your organization with boundless excellence delivering unique Business Intelligence enterprise solutions through our cutting-edge products.

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We use enhanced analytics and AI to grow the most valuable asset your organization has at hand, your data.

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We push our clients to ultimate paths of success through lifelong partnerships and lasting impact.

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With excellence in mind, our products solve complex industry challenges.

Revolutionizing Real Estate

Suhail combines Machine Learning, Big Data & AI technologies with real estate data sources to showcase extensive property data and insights.

Insightful F&B

Fruits drives F&B to efficiency and profitability with the power of enhanced AI, BI, and analytics.

Data-Driven Creativity and Innovation

It goes on to reach the core of our distinguished set of enterprise solutions driving innovation and data transparency across industries, markets, and governments.

Enterprise Solutions
Our distinguished set of enterprise solutions drive innovation and data transparency across industries, markets, and governments.

AI-powered Models

Real-time insights powered by AI to uncover the full picture of the Real Estate & Retail markets and enable impactful decision-making and long-term planning.

Property Valuation

Building Detection


Customer Segmentation

Data-Driven Insights

An expanse of comprehensive, filtered, and structured data that provides a depth of knowledge, setting businesses and governments ahead of competition.

360° Insights

Suhail Price and Urbanization Indexes

Suhail Map

Know Your Property (KYP)

Advanced Analytics

Integrated & customized BI and analytics solutions that unlock Food & Beverage business potential effortlessly.

360° On-Prem

360° Enterprise


Growth Acceleration

Simplified lead generation solutions tailored to the unique needs of individuals, lenders, and Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises (MSMEs).




PropTech Analytics Tools

PropTech Analytics ToolsProptech analytics is a rapidly growing field that encompasses the use of advanced data analytics and technology in the real estate industry. With the advent of big data and the increasing availability of property-related data, proptech...

Restaurant Analytics

Restaurant AnalyticsThe restaurant industry is highly competitive, and staying ahead of the competition requires more than just great food and service. Restaurants must constantly adapt to changing customer preferences, market trends, and economic conditions. That's...

Precision Building Detection with 70cm Imagery

Quant Data & Analytics Leverages Satellogic's 70cm Imagery A New Era in Geospatial PrecisionQuant Data & Analytics Leverages Satellogic’s 70cm Imagery: A New Era in Geospatial PrecisionBy Majed Al Hulayel, Lead Data Engineering at Quant Data & Analytics;...

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